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Zaiger Farms - Ceres Fruit Zaiger Farms - Ceres Fruit Zaiger Farms - Ceres Fruit Zaiger Farms - Ceres Fruit Zaiger Farms - Ceres Fruit
About Zaiger SA

Our Business

Zaiger’s Inc Genetics, an internationally renowned company which operates out of Modesto, California in the United States of America, is the largest stone fruit breeding programme in the world. It is a second generation family business which was established during the 1960’s. Through their breeding programme, the Zaigers have created and produced completely new varieties and selections of certain deciduous fruits (‘the Zaiger varieties’) through conventional crossing of different prunus species. This has resulted in a wide range of unique products with novel appearance and flavour.

Zaiger SA CC (“Zaiger SA”) which operates out of Cape Town in the Western Cape has been granted the intellectual property rights by Zaiger’s Inc Genetics to commercialise these exciting new products in Southern Africa. The business of Zaiger SA has grown rapidly in order to manage this exclusive licence to grow, maintain and produce the Zaiger varieties of deciduous fruit.

Our Pedigree

The business originally started in 2004 as a partnership between two well known and experienced nurserymen in the deciduous fruit industry, Dr Jim Button and Chris Goodman.

The business grew rapidly over the years and to cater for this growth and expansion the two partners formed a close corporation, Zaiger SA CC in South Africa (“Zaiger SA”) in 2008 to take over the business of the partnership.

To support the growing business, Michael Anderson, a Bachelor of Commerce Graduate from the University of Cape Town, was engaged in 2009 to assist Jim to manage both the operational and the administrative aspects of the business in South Africa.

Jim, an internationally respected nurseryman and recipient of the OSH Reinecke Industry Leader Award retired from active participation in the business at the end of 2011 due to ill health. He passed away in February 2012. Please follow this link to read the Tribute to our highly respected business and much loved partner.

Chris, previously a shareholder in Stargrow Nursery, now resides in Santa Barbara, California. Chris is responsible for identifying and selecting new varieties from Zaiger’s Inc Genetics which will meet the requirements of the Southern African market.

Michael, Operational Manager of Zaiger SA since 2009, assumed full responsibility for the South African arm of the business in 2010 and, shortly before the death of Jim Button in 2012, he became an equity partner in the business.