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Zaiger Farms - Ceres Fruit Zaiger Farms - Ceres Fruit Zaiger Farms - Ceres Fruit Zaiger Farms - Ceres Fruit Zaiger Farms - Ceres Fruit

Tree Royalty Exceptions

It is the policy of Zaiger SA not to charge tree royalties on replanted trees that die during the first year after initial planting provided that such losses are not due to negligence on the part of the Grower. It is important that the Grower notify ZSA as early as possible during the summer should any significant losses be anticipated so that the cause can be fully investigated and a resolution reached in good time before the time of replacement.

Failure to notify ZSA and timely completion and submission of the Declaration Form will result in the full US$ 1.00 being invoiced on replacements. The latest date for receipt of this completed form by ZSA will be prior to collection of replacement trees from the nursery.

Production Royalty Exceptions

During the Zaiger SA / Grower meeting held in Ceres on March 26th, the request was made that Zaiger SA review production royalties on early-ripening peach and nectarine selections grown in the Western Cape.

A follow-up meeting between Zaiger SA and SAPO (which also benefits from the production royalties), and Grower representatives was held on Wednesday 22nd April 2009. At this meeting Growers presented data on actual yields, packouts, and financial returns on these varieties which convinced Zaiger SA to review production royalties on the following varieties grown in the Westen Cape:

Nectarines African Glo, Southern Glo, Crimson Glo, Silver Fire
Peaches Mystic Magic, Earlisun

As a result of the review, reduced royalties are payable on these specific varieties and only when grown in the Western Cape. Early Zaiger varieties released more recently have been more completely tested in the Western Cape and Growers will need to make their decisions on information from local trials. For the above varieties grown in the Western Cape, the following production royalties will apply from the current production season forward:

Tree AgeUS Dollars per Hectare
First Leaf $ 0.00
Second Leaf $ 0.00
Third Leaf $ 450.00
Fourth Leaf $ 750.00
Fifth Leaf $ 850.00
Sixth Leaf $ 950.00
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